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Mission of Physiotherapy Department

Our mission is to help maintain and/or perfect what the resident has acquired In order to promote optimal functional performance (safety, mobility, comfort) in the respect of the ethical and deontological rules.

The mission of the Physiotherapy Department falls in the continuity of the mission of the Grace Dart Extended Care Centre.

  • Extended Care Site: 514-255-2834 #3338
  • Grace Dart Pavilion: 514-251-8106 #2268


The resident will be seen in Physiotherapy shortly following admission in order to evaluate and analyse his physical condition.

Afterwards, the therapist will decide of the most beneficial intervention plan for him. The resident could be:

  • Taken in charge for individual follow up over a defined period
  • Integrated to a general exercise class
  • Integrated to a physical fitness class
  • Registered in a walking program on his unit
  • Seen within a shoe clinic
  • Seen from time to time at the request of the care team

Therapists’ names:

  • Annie Bélanger TRP #2268
  • Suzanne Lemieux TRP #3338
  • Josiane Ménard TRP #3338
  • Christianne Bastien PHT #3338/2257


Individual follow up

An individual follow up variable over time could be offered to a resident to improve his range of motion, his muscular strength and walking autonomy.

Specific interventions:

A resident could be seen variably for the following problems:

  • Safety issues regarding transfers and walking
  • Post-falls with or without consequences
  • Deterioration of physical condition

Recommendations will be emitted to the care team following this intervention

Unit walking program

A walking program has been instituted on the units for the residents. This program will enable him to maintain muscle mass, bone density and reduce the risk of falls and sores.


General exercise classes:

For residents with general mobility problems


This class is directed to residents presenting a decrease in functional capacities

  • The resident must be able to follow verbal and visual directions in a group context
  • The resident must exhibit an interest to participate in a 40 minute long exercise class
  • The resident must be medically stable

General objectives

  • The resident will maintain or improve his ability to mobilise different body segments
  • The resident will maintain or improve his functional capacity and his autonomy thanks to exercises

Physical fitness classes

For residents having achieved a functional plateau in terms of general mobility, from muscular strength and supervised or autonomous walking.


This class is for residents motivated to participate in a physical fitness program on a regular basis.

For the exercise component, the resident must be able to execute the exercise program with minimal directions and supervision and for the walking component, the resident must be able to walk without supervision.

General objectives:

  • The resident will improve his general endurance to physical activity
  • The resident will develop his self-esteem and a sense of belonging to a group.
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